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Your food is cheap and very tasty, but can you PLEASE try to ensure that all of the order is included? Literally nearly every order recently you miss something out. Usually it is a dip, this evening it was the chips. Looking at the rest of the food now while I wait for the chips. Very frustrating. I can't even see how to leave a review. Do I have to check every order now on the doorstep before letting the delivery guy go? :/

Jonathan, 01 Dec 2020

Over all very good

Robert, 30 Nov 2020

There’s no green peppers on my pizza, and the delivery guy never have change as much as he need

Zhiar, 24 Nov 2020

Thank u

David, 13 Nov 2020

Good emergency or back up food when Wife won't cook

Robert, 12 Nov 2020

We ordered one pizza and got 2 on both on the burger no sauce or no salad

Sam, 08 Nov 2020

Slight discrepancy in what I thought we'd ordered online, but what we received was very tasty.

Andy, 06 Nov 2020

Nice kebabs

John, 05 Nov 2020

Very good

Chloe, 05 Nov 2020

Love you boys

Anthony, 03 Nov 2020

Great food and service as usual.

Nicola, 02 Nov 2020

My pizza was never delivered. I was not contacted to explain why. My money was not refunded. £16 for what? Absolutely disgraceful service.

Archie, 01 Nov 2020

Dough was not cooked in parts, slightly in others, 95% rubbish. Was cold, toppings underdone, do you need to know much more? Oh yeah, cheesy chips. They a) weren't chips and b) the cheese was dumped on top as a block. If I had an option of minus 5 stars, that would be a good mark, minus 10 would make you look average. Food was bloody awful.

Ben, 01 Nov 2020

I would like to say that the food is good and that the food is fast but it looks like wen ever your hungry don’t take from here plz because if they don’t have drivers you won’t eat I guess

Mihai, 01 Nov 2020

Very nice

Chloe, 29 Oct 2020

The special kebab is the best

John, 26 Oct 2020

Chicken wings very very cold so was the pizza

Stella, 26 Oct 2020

Order from here a lot!!!! So tasty and good value for money

Caitlin, 25 Oct 2020

Lovely food

Paulette Jade Riley, 25 Oct 2020


Adam, 25 Oct 2020


Adam, 25 Oct 2020

Brilliant food quick delivery

Dinesh, 23 Oct 2020


Jose, 19 Oct 2020

Hi all, dont want to leave negative feedback, but every time i order from you guys theres always something missing! - Ordered 3x dips and not received any and it seems to be a common issue on dips missing!!!

Jj, 17 Oct 2020

Could I have more meat this time thank you goodnight john

John, 11 Oct 2020

Always good and always consistent

Wayne, 10 Oct 2020